Page 17 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Product Stewardship
Mosaic’s phosphate is among the most responsibly
sourced in the world, and we’re committed to the
sustainable production and use of our products. Crop
nutrients must be applied sustainably to mitigate
potentially negative environmental impacts stemming
from improper use. Among industry organizations
to which we belong and the farmers who use our
products, we encourage the adoption of the 4Rs of
nutrient stewardship: right source, right rate, right time
and right place.
Mosaic’s Nutrient Removal App
Supports Higher Yields
for Farmers
Mosaic was recognized for its commitment to innovation and
excellence in product stewardship when its Nutrient Removal App
was selected by
CropLife Magazine
as a best app for agriculture for
Developed for growers, using years of accumulated nutrient
removal research, the app is designed to help farmers put the data
to work to produce higher yields. Results can be stored as a profile
and e-mailed to contacts for use in input planning. More than
farmers so far have discovered this valuable tool, which
provides nutrient removal data by yield for 36 different crops.