Page 35 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Water: Risks and
Global economic growth has given rise to
accelerated rates of water use that, coupled with
population growth, demand a globally integrated,
sustainable and cost-ef fective approach to water
resource management.
At Mosaic, we understand the risks and
oppor tunities that water scarcit y represents for
the environment, our operations and growers.
Future changes in rainfall pat terns, storm
intensities and temperature levels will likely var y
by geographic region and could impact traditional
methods of growing crops. Mosaic’s balanced
approach to crop nutrition will be a strategy to
mitigate the adverse ef fects of drought, floods,
storms and plant disease.
In an ef for t to bet ter understand and prepare for
water-related risks and oppor tunities, Mosaic is:
Developing new fer tilizer blends to
optimize yields.
Identif ying sustainable and cost-ef fective
technical improvements that preser ve water
resources and improve productivit y.
Working with regulator y agencies in Florida to
voluntarily reduce permit ted peak consumption.
Developing strategies to drive long-term water
management improvements around water
consumption, inventor y monitoring and use
reductions through processed water recycling.
Through The Mosaic Company Foundation,
making communit y investments in par tnerships
that help protect habitats and restore watersheds,
including our partnership with Tampa Bay Watch.
with Tampa
Bay Watch
Oyster reef restoration helps
to filter the entire watershed
and provides critical habitats
for other species.