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The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
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Today’s crop nutrients are responsible for 40 to
percent of yields, and Mosaic’s products play
a crucial role in meeting the global demand for
food. Our worldwide research programs focus on
the development of new products for the specific
soil characteristics in dif ferent par ts of the world,
such as Mosaic’s proprietar y MicroEssentials
line, which is designed to help farmers make the
most of ever y inch of farmland.
We take great pride in the work we do and the
high standards we uphold, especially advances
in environmental per formance at our plants
and mines. Mining is a temporar y use of the
land, and Mosaic is commit ted to minimizing
our overall environmental impact. In 2011, we
mined 2,255 acres and reclaimed 6,474 acres
of land, advancing the science and practice
of reclamation while returning mined lands to
productive uses for both wildlife and people.
Mosaic continues to realize some of its greatest
per formance improvements in the areas of
energy and water use. In 2011, Mosaic produced
enough electricit y — approximately 6.9 million
gigajoules through cogeneration — to satisf y
percent of our companywide electrical
demand. In 2011, Mosaic reused or recycled
approximately 95 percent of all water in our
Florida Phosphates operations and more than
percent in our Canadian potash shaf t mines.
Mosaic is relentless in the pursuit of safet y that
ever y one of our employees and contractors
returns home safely at the end of their work day.
Mosaic’s commi tment to sustainabili t y li terally star t s f rom the ground up.
We mine the nut r ient s that are necessar y to grow food for an ever- increasing
global populat ion. The wor ld’s demand for food calls for the judicious use
of resources, as well as an innovat ive spir i t . At Mosaic , we’re meet ing this
challenge by building sustainable prac t ices into ever y aspec t of our business.
From new produc t development and reclamat ion, to cogenerat ion and
r igorous safet y programs, Mosaic’s focus on sustainabili t y forms the root s
of our success. Our third sustainabili t y repor t details the work we’ve done
so far and our goals for the future.
The Roots of Our Success
At Mosaic, we’re building sustainable practices
into every aspect of our business. From new
product development and reclamation, to
cogeneration and rigorous safety programs,
Mosaic’s focus on sustainability forms the
roots of our success.
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