Page 45 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Contractor Safety Spotlight
Mosaic has been tracking and reporting contractor
safety performance in our companywide safety
statistics since 2007. Within our industry, because
contractors are frequently on site for short amounts
of time (often fewer than 90 days) and working in
unfamiliar environments, they are statistically more
prone to workplace accidents.
Safe Start” is Mosaic’s behavior-based, contractor
safety program that focuses on the four states of
mind that can lead to critical errors — complacency,
rushing, fatigue and frustration. Over the last
three years, approximately 7,000 contractors have
completed the program, which includes videos,
presentations and scheduled follow-ups.
Mosaic selects, screens and audits on-site
contractors, using the ISNetworld Rating — a global
self-reporting system in which contractors and
suppliers report their conformance to government
and internal health, safety and procurement
In February 2012, Mosaic operations managers
gathered with contracted companies for the
inaugural Mosaic and Contractor Safety Alliance
session — now a monthly meeting — to collectively
manage our individual safety programs and develop
a common safety culture. Contractors will be
required to complete incident investigations and
share with Mosaic lessons learned and corrective
measures taken.
Contractor safety statistics also impact the Mosaic
Employee Incentive Program — a specific example
of how contractor safety is considered everyone’s
business at Mosaic.
Contractor safety is also tracked and
rewarded in the Phosphate business
unit. In April 2011, contractors with
exemplar y safety records were
honored at Mosaic’s four th annual
Contractor Safety Recognition
Luncheon. The 69 contractors
selected for recognition achieved
excellence in safety through
demonstrated leadership and
per formance.