Page 5 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
When that doesn’t happen, it’s a profoundly sad
event that impacts all of us. While Mosaic’s overall
safet y per formance this year improved 25 percent
from the previous year, each incident emphasizes
the impor tance of our continued ef for ts to achieve
even stronger safety performance in the coming years.
We have also deepened our commitment to
corporate citizenship on the global stage. In fiscal
Mosaic became a signator y to the United
Nations Global Compact, af firming our commitment
to operating according to universally accepted
principles in the areas of human rights, labor,
environment and anticorruption.
This repor t takes stock of the progress,
oppor tunities and goals associated with our
sustainabilit y ef for ts. Working together with
Mosaic’s dedicated employees around the globe,
I am confident that our mission to help the world
grow the food it needs is at tainable. Just as
impor tant, I know we will achieve this mission with
an ever-improving focus on sustainabilit y.
James T. Prokopanko
President and Chief Executive Of ficer
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