Page 56 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Mosaic is driven by our mission to help the world
grow the food it needs, and we’re commit ted
to protecting critical water resources through
conser vation agriculture, watershed restoration
and nutrient stewardship.
Nutrient Stewardship
Mosaic also suppor ts the Conser vation
Technology Information Center (CTIC), a
national, public/private par tnership that envisions
agriculture using environmentally beneficial and
economically viable natural resource systems.
CTIC’s Upstream Heroes campaign is a program
that honors America’s agricultural producers who
efficiently manage their nutrients as part of a
comprehensive conservation system. These farmers
enjoy benefits to their bottom line while protecting
water quality. The Upstream Heroes Network of
farmers in the Mississippi River Basin is working
to further nutrient efficiency, thereby reducing the
size of the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone. Mosaic has
also sponsored CTIC’s Indianhead Creek Watershed
project in Illinois, the Conservation in Action Tour
and their 30th Anniversary events around the
United States.
When six watersheds in Illinois were identified as
priorit y watersheds for nutrient reductions,
Mosaic’s suppor t helped launch Keep It for
the Crop by 2025 (KIC) in par tnership with
the Illinois Council on Best Management
Practices and the Illinois Fer tilizer and Chemical
Association. KIC is a collaborative program
to promote, implement and track the rate of
adoption of enhanced nutrient stewardship
practices by Illinois agricultural producers. Mosaic
encourages the adoption of the 4Rs of nutrient
stewardship (right source, right rate, right time
and right place).