Page 63 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Cross-sector Organization
Ways we
engage Involvement
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Mosaic supports CDP’s aims to improve transparency with respect to
greenhouse gas emissions and develop reduction strategies.
Global Landscapes Initiative (GLI)
at the University of Minnesota
Mosaic supports GLI’s activities to assess trends in global agricultural supply
and demand, improve our ability to balance human needs with environmental
stewardship and promote secure landscapes across the globe.
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Focal Point Sector USA
U.S. sector
In 2011, Mosaic joined GRI Focal Point USA as a U.S. sector leader to help boost
the number of U.S. companies reporting on sustainability, to improve the quality
of those reports and to increase U.S. organizations’ input into developing new
guidance for sustainability reporting.
United Nations Global Compact
In 2011, The Mosaic Company became a signatory to the UNGC, affirming our
deep commitment to operating responsibly.
World Economic Forum (WEF)
Member and
Mosaic’s participation in the WEF in both the Consumer and the Mining &
Metals sectors allows us the opportunity to engage other global companies,
gain line of sight and contribute to best practices.
Industry Organization
Ways we
engage Involvement
As a member of ANDA, Mosaic promotes the value and correct use of fertilizers
in Brazil.
Agriculture Nutrient Policy Council
Our membership in the ANPC allows us to be an active stakeholder and leader
in the policy process, building the industry’s technical, legal and policy capacity.
Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI)
Board level
Mosaic supports CFI’s efforts to promote the responsible, sustainable, and safe
production, distribution and use of fertilizers.
Conservation Technology
Information Center (CTIC)
Board level
In 2011, Mosaic continued to partner with CTIC on several initiatives that
champion, promote, and provide information on technologies and sustainable
agricultural systems.
International Plant Nutrition
Institute (IPNI)
Board level
In 2011, Mosaic contributed to and benefited from IPNI’s information about the
production, distribution, and use of potash, and its influence on soil fertility.
International Fertilizer Industry
Association (IFA)
Board level
As a member, Mosaic supports IFA’s efforts to represent, promote and protect
the fertilizer industry among policymakers, regulators, farmers and society
at large.
Saskatchewan Mining Association
Mosaic supports the SMA’s aims to enhance the general welfare of the mining
industry through technical innovations in the fields of health and safety
standards, waste disposal, environmental protection, and extractive metallurgy
research and development.
Saskatchewan Potash
Producers Association (SPPA)
Our membership in SPPA allows us to be an active stakeholder in the
policymaking process.
The Fertilizer Institute (TFI)
Board level
Mosaic partners with TFI in its mission to represent, promote and protect the
fertilizer industry.
Cross-Sector and Industry Partnerships
The Mosaic Company strives to be the global leader in the crop nutrient industr y. As such, we recognize the
impor tance of being active in industr y associations and cross-sector business forums that provide common
plat forms to advance cut ting-edge scientific research and best management practices within our company and our
industr y. Mosaic considers the relevance of the engagement oppor tunities to our business strategies and pursues
mutually beneficial par tnerships. A selection of key organizations Mosaic has an involvement with is listed below.