Page 65 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
The Sustainabilit y Steering Commit tee follows
the company’s formal process for managing
risk and is comprised of a cross-functional
group of senior leaders. The commit tee makes
connections among numerous sustainabilit y
initiatives to maximize progress. Examples have
included innovations to reduce emissions and
save energy company wide.
Professional Level
Social Responsibilit y and Public Af fairs
professionals interact with policymakers and
global thought leaders at key universities to
encourage the transfer of knowledge and to
bring the latest thinking on sustainabilit y into the
Mosaic risk management process.
The Social Responsibilit y and the Government
Af fairs teams both have full-time professionals
who anticipate the risks and oppor tunities
associated with sustainabilit y. They engage
stakeholders such as legislators at the state and
national levels and innovative non-governmental
organizations and environmental professionals
from other companies.
Asset (Facility) Level
We assess risks at the facilit y level as follows:
The company has an Environmental Health and
Safet y (EHS) program through which it sets
EHS procedures and protocols, educates
employees on EHS issues, conducts EHS audits
and formulates EHS action plans. The company
employs EHS professional staf f to manage
this program.
Mosaic EHS employees suppor t operations
employees’ day-to-day operational responsibilit y
and excellence in environmental per formance at
ever y plant and mine worldwide. Mosaic has a
comprehensive management program assuring
accountabilit y of all managers and other
employees for environmental per formance.
We conduct audits to verif y that each facilit y
has identified risks, achieved regulator y
compliance, implemented continuous
EHS improvement and incorporated EHS
management systems into business functions.
Corporate Responsibility Magazine’
ranking of the 100 Best Corporate
Citizens in the United States ranked
Mosaic at No. 28, up from 67 in 2011.