Page 66 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Management Systems
for Environmental and
Sustainability Reporting
Mosaic will standardize the
collection and tabulation of environmental
and sustainabilit y repor ting information.
Approved in late 2011 and on track to be fully
implemented in 2014, the system will ensure
consistent processes for environmental and
sustainabilit y repor ting. Named by project
team members,
is titled for its
goal: to provide consistent processes and a
centralized location for gathering, retrieving,
storing, and communicating environmental and
sustainabilit y repor ting information.
leverages SAP’s Environmental Compliance
and Sustainabilit y Per formance Management
modules. By 2014,
will be fully
implemented and will provide Mosaic continued
environmental compliance assurance, timely and
accurate repor ting, consistent data collection and
a plat form to help track and communicate our
ongoing focus on environmental stewardship.
EHS Management System
The implementation of the Environmental Health
and Safet y Management System (EHS MS)
is a milestone for Mosaic and has created
oppor tunities for over 2,000 employees to
par ticipate on teams that identif y, prioritize
and reduce risks. Our EHS MS provides the
framework that connects various EHS-related
ef for ts into one system and enables us to work
Mosaic’s EHS MS has been validated against
ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, internationally
recognized management system standards.
The establishment of the EHS MS will ensure
a consistent transfer of knowledge, providing
employees with a solid training program and
strong reference materials. In addition, the
EHS MS helps bolster mutual accountabilit y
due to improvements in risk identification and
reduction, and the reliable transfer of knowledge.
The EHS MS represents a positive shif t in
operating culture at Mosaic. It has been
embraced by employees who benefit from the
training and the accessibilit y of documentation to
help them stay safe while they work.