Page 34 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
In 2011, Mosaic reused or
recycled approximately 95 percent
of all water used in our Florida
Phosphates operations and more
than 80 percent in our Canadian
potash shaf t mines.
In Millions m3
Global water
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Water Management
Responsible use of water is a fundamental
component of Mosaic’s global sustainabilit y
vision. Our water management programs actively
engage in facilit y-specific and business unit-wide
initiatives to reduce our water footprint. Facilities
continuously monitor and evaluate water use to
ensure it is minimized, while water recycling and
reuse are maximized.
Bartow Water Use Reduction Efforts:
Case Study
Mosaic’s Bar tow, Florida, facilit y kicked of f an
initiative to reduce water consumption in May
with the goal of reducing process water
inventor y by 500 million gallons in one year.
Not only did the facilit y reach that goal in
months, but it also exceeded its one-year
goal by approximately 100 million gallons.
The initiative focused on identif ying new
oppor tunities to reduce fresh water usage and
reuse process water, as well as working to reduce
process water inventor y through the use of
reverse osmosis and evaporation.
Af ter learning about the water reduction initiative
and its impor tance, employees and contractors
at Bar tow immediately got involved and star ted
generating ideas to meet the goal, including
installing mechanical pump seals, eliminating
fresh water usage from the ball mill system,
stopping condensate/steam leaks, extending
demineralization regeneration cycles, installing
low-flow toilets and keeping water levels in
balance, par ticularly during heavy rain and
hurricane seasons. Not only did these changes
reduce environmental risk, they made good
business sense. Bar tow was able to save more
than $2.8 million in reduced reagent usage and
improved phosphate recover y.
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