Page 8 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
At Mosaic, the roots of our success — past, present and future — are clear
and connec ted: realizing the full potential of our mineral assets, formulating
the most ef fec tive produc ts, building customer suppor t in the industr y,
ex tending the reach and ef fec tiveness of our global footprint, bringing
the best out of people and managing our capital prudently. As a global
organization, these roots are equally compelling to our employees and our
customers, from Iowa to India. Mosaic has the most power ful combination of
assets, talent, innovation and global reach in the crop nutrient industr y.
Our Operations
Mosaic’s Global Footprint
Phosphate Production
Potash Production
Distribution Facilities
Joint Ventures
Our world-class mining and processing operations
produce more than 10 percent of the world’s potash
and phosphate supplies. We move these products
through the value chain to wholesalers and retailers
through our extensive global distribution system.
We have key distribution facilities in eight countries,
serving wholesalers, retail dealers and individual
growers in approximately 40 countries. Mosaic also
offers value-added services, such as tools to assist
in application rates of crop nutrients and other
customized services that increase both crop and
economic yields. We have a rich legacy of experience
and innovation, producing a line of premium
products that offers greater nutrient delivery with
lower application rates.
With unique products and services, facilities around
the world and a diverse customer base, we are truly
helping the world grow the food it needs.
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