Page 57 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Habitat and Watershed Restoration
Mosaic made a grant to Ducks Unlimited for
$2 million that will restore a minimum of
acres of wetlands over a 10-year period
in Saskatchewan.
The Mosaic Company Foundation is par tnering
with The Nature Conser vancy in the Charlot te
Harbor watershed, which has long been
recognized as an impor tant estuar y and key
contributor to the health of the Gulf of Mexico
ecosystem. The harbor and its adjacent estuaries
make up one of the most pristine and productive
coastal ecosystems in the state of Florida. Yet
ever yday human activities af fect these resources,
and over time, residential, industrial and
agricultural development of the land impacts the
qualit y and quantit y of water and other natural
The goal is to develop a science-based, whole-
estuar y oyster reef restoration plan and initiate a
demonstration site that will ser ve as a model for
future large-scale restoration throughout suitable
areas in Charlot te Harbor and the Gulf. Oyster
reefs are an essential component to the health
of the Charlot te Harbor estuar y because they
provide many “ecosystem ser vices” that benefit
both humans and the environment. These
include water filtration, food and habitat for many
animals (fish, crabs, birds), many of which are
economically valuable species such as redfish,
snook, blue crab and shrimp. Shellfish reefs also
ser ve as natural coastal buf fers that stabilize
shorelines and provide a coastal defense against
erosion, sea level rise and storms.
The Florida Aquarium
The Mosaic Center, an education, conference and event
facility, sponsors several educational programs that bring
the aquarium into the community. Our gif t was the single
largest donation in the aquarium’s 16-year histor y and
suppor ts a new round of business growth for the facility
and surrounding district. For over eight years, Mosaic has
transpor ted seawater to meet the aquarium’s needs and
to suppor t its environmental and educational mission.
Including our suppor t of The Florida Aquarium, Mosaic
and its Foundation have donated more than $8.4 million
to community organizations focused on Central Florida.
Mosaic invested in our
Florida communities with
a $2.5 million grant in 2011
to The Florida Aquarium.