Page 64 - Mosaic Sustainability Report 2012

The Mosaic Company, 2012 Sustainability Report
Management Structure
Mosaic’s organizational structure encourages
individual employees at any level of the company
to obser ve and communicate risks, oppor tunities,
and ideas to Environmental Health and
Safet y (EHS) professionals at the facilit y or
corporate level via the Environmental Health
and Safet y Management System (EHS MS).
The EHS MS allows employees at all levels to
par ticipate in teams to identif y, prioritize and
reduce risks. Risks identified by EHS MS teams
are appropriately addressed and elevated
as required to the Sustainabilit y Steering
Commit tee, the Senior Leadership Team, and the
EHS and Sustainable Development Commit tee of
the Board or the Board of Directors.
Public Af fairs and Social Responsibilit y
professionals work with employees across the
company to formulate strategy and policy and
communicate a clear sustainabilit y message both
internally and externally. This message includes
detailing the significant progress to date and
delineating goals and timelines.
Mosaic’s structure for identif ying risks and
oppor tunities related to sustainabilit y includes:
Board of Directors
The EHSS provides oversight of the company’s
sustainabilit y strategy and compliance. The
Commit tee’s recommendations and repor ts
are reviewed by the Board of Directors and the
Senior Leadership Team of the corporation.
Senior Leadership Team
Environmental strategies are presented to the
Board and the EHSS Commit tee throughout
the year.
Sustainability Steering Committee
Mosaic has established a Sustainabilit y Steering
Commit tee, which has the specific responsibilit y
of assessing risks and oppor tunities associated
with sustainabilit y issues and driving
improvements across the company.